Tran Van Tuan
I'm a well-experienced web developer, prefer to work with Symfony, ZendFramework , Yii,... React'JS,
VueJS, AngularJS are also the core, HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript projects. Deep experiences in Bootstrap,
Magento, Wordpress, Joomla CMS, have an experience in development of Rest API WebService,
plugins, API Paygate (Paypal, Stripe,, etc...). Mobile Application development in Flutter,
Kotlin, React Native application development.
Amazon Services in Linux Server Management, Cloud and S3 cloud storage and other AWS APIs, well
knowledge Photoshop skills, slicing HTML with responsive devices, SEO keywords highlight, write an
optimized, and fast code with Zend Standard Coding.
Experience over 9 years PHP web and mobile app development .
Javascript's skills bases on JQuery, ReactJS, Angular, Vue. Reading comprehension project's
documents/wifeframe, well communication. Linux Administration, Amazon Services and APIs.
English communication and international conversation are good.
Checkout my personal website/porfolio at
Symfony, Laravel Framework
Zend, CI, Cake,.. Others
Docker, Virtualization
NodeJS, MEAN, ExpressJS, Blitz, NextJS, NestJS
AngularJS, VueJS, ReactJS
Native JS, jQuery
Kotlin, Flutter, React Native
Linux Centos, Ubtunu, Feroda Administration
MacOS, Windows
Photoshop, XD
Full Stack DevOps Senior Developer
Address Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, 84000
Phone 84973066735
Bootstrap, Material,... CSS3
Responsive, mobile optimization
Team work, Project Manager
English fluently (Speaking and listening)
Work History
Oct 2019 -
Vipfitter Trainee Workout Plans
FullStack DevOps Developer, Spain, Hungary
Vipfitter is a platform focus on the trainee workout and nutrition management.
They will be managed by their own trainer to have a healthy body and eat
clean. Stay focused on a strong mind and body type.
What I worked there as below:
Developed and implemented performance improvement strategies and
plans to promote continuous improvement.
Used critical thinking to break down problems, evaluate solutions and make
Cooperate with the teammates to have a clean development.
Meeting with the Staffs and clients to have a clarification about the feature
enhancement and requested requirements.
The technologies I worked there: Symfony, Laravel, Restful API, VueJS,
Doctrine, ReactNative, ReactJS, Angular.
Jan 2018 -
Inginim Singpaore Ltd Lead Developer
Senior FullStack Devops Developer, Singapore, Singapore
Inginim Ltd is a Singapore based company, they provide the Website, App
development solutions for all the customers and government in Singapore and
the Southeast Asia region.
What I worked there as below:
Developed and implemented performance improvement strategies and
plans to promote continuous improvement.
Completed paperwork, recognizing discrepancies and promptly addressing
for resolution.
Created plans and communicated deadlines to complete projects on time.
Proved successful working within tight deadlines and fast-paced atmosphere.
Collaborated with team members to achieve target results.
The technologies I worked in: NodeJS, AngularJS, VueJS, Laravel, Zend
Framework, ReactJS, Kotlin, Flutter for mobile development.
We're also the partner with the UOB Bank and Singapore Government to
enhance their backend platform and adding features.
The meeting will be handled every 2 months (local office), I will fly every 2
months to Singapore to have team meeting and offline client discussion for
the projects.
Jun 2016 -
Dec 2017
AutoTextDriver Canadian Developer
NodeJS, PHP, Javascript Developer, Toronto Canada, Toronto
Auto Text Driver Is A Text Messaging Sales Solution For Automotive Dealerships.
Interact With Customers Better And Faster Than Ever. Auto Text Driver Is Text
Message-Based Sales Software Built By Auto Dealers, For Auto Dealers. Quick To
Install, Easy To Use, And Perfect For Dealerships And Dealership Networks Alike.
I worked there as roles below:
Improved operations through consistent hard work and dedication.
Collaborated with project managers to select ambitious, but realistic coding
milestones on pre-release software project development.
Developed software for desktop and mobile operating systems.
Pioneered new methods of code review to incorporate wider range of voices.
Cooperate with the Staffs, team members to have demonstrate the features
to the clients.
My mainly role for development were:
PHP Symfony, NodeJS for Backend technologies, using Restful API and
Database, server administration in Linux to debug, investigate the issues,
implement new features to the server such as: Redis, memcached,
mailqueue, crontab...
Frontend JS was using jQuery, native javascript, web socket.
Jul 2014 -
Aug 2016
Gymnaz Fitness App
PHP RestAPI, Mobile Developer, Kuwait, Kuwait
Gymnadz is a platform focuses on the Women fitness and health workout and
nutrition, it provides workout plan, nutrition plan and the coach will help the
members manage their programs. Keep the body health and fitness.
I provided my works there as the roles below:
Resolved problems, improved operations and provided exceptional service.
Demonstrated respect, friendliness and willingness to help wherever needed.
Enhance the Backend Restful API to support frontend and the iOS, Android
The technologies used were the Symfony & Doctrine, MySQL at the backend.
Frontend was using Angular for the web.
My mainly role allocated to Backend and administration.
Jan 2012 -
Jun 2014
PHP Engineer - Australia CashReward Global (CRG)
PHP Developer, Melbone Australia, Melbourne
Worked with Staff of Cash Reward Global Ltd (CRG) to enhance the features for
the Cash Reward platform, a little about CRG:
"CashRewards was founded in Sydney in 2014 by Andrew and Lorica Clarke,
after their son developed and survived a serious illness. Seeking a way to give
back to those who supported them, they created a business with real purpose at
its heart."
I worked as main PHP Developer to maintenance Backend and Frontend in Yii
PHP Framework, adding new features, fix the bug, integrate the payment
platform such as Stripe, to optimize the platform got easier to
interact with the customers.
Jan 2011 -
Dec 2012
Vela Company Ltd
PHP Symfony, Zend, Wordpress, OpenCart Developer, Ho Chi Minh, District 6th
Developing website for the clients using PHP language, we used most common
framework such as Symfony, Zend and other popular CMS in Wordpress,
Magento, OpenCart. I worked as PHP developer to build from design and
maintenance client's website features.
Jan 2015 -
Other Short Constracts.
Backend, Frontend, Mobile Develoment Roles, International Working
I also have a plenty of short contracts for the customers around the world that I
can not list them all here, the main roles that I focused on both Frontend,
Backend and mobile development. The languages are among the: PHP
Frameworks, CMS like Wordpress - Opencart - Magento Woocommerce - Craft
CMS - Shopify, NodeJS, VueJS, ReactJS, AngularJS, Mobile development in React
Native - Flutter - Kotlin.
Other things as mentioned
Participated in team-building activities to enhance working relationships.
Managed new employee orientation training process for more than 8
employees each year.
Managed individual projects simultaneously for product lifecycle
Aug 2007 -
Aug 2011
Software Engineer
An Giang University - Long Xuyen, 44
Additional Information
I could ready to allocate by flying to the company office to have a meeting with client, or
team local meeting.
Directly communicate in English with teammates or with the client, to have feature
demonstration or deployment sessions.
Ready to fly, allocate to offline meeting.
Ready to schedule.